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Fun Night

My name is Sian I’m 28 years old and got married to Rob last year after we met through a mutual friend 5 years ago.
This is the story about what happened at my hen party 2 weeks before my wedding to Rob.

My hen party was organised by my best friend Helen who I have known since primary school. The idea was to hit a few bars in our local city and then see what happened. There were 8 friends attending and Helen had arranged for us all to wear t-shirts with “Sian’s hen party 2019” printed on the front and back. This made us stand out in the crowds and we drew attention from various groups of guys as we moved from one bar to the next .I was also wearing a bridal veil and had “L” plates attached to the front and back of me. As we went from bar to bar the tipsier we all became and the braver the men were who approached us and flirted with us. The number of guys telling me my husband to be was a lucky man was a real ego boost as were the number of offers of a last fling before walking down the aisle. Although I was polite and flirted back a little I had no intention of cheating on Rob. I loved him and had always been a one man woman. I’m 5 foot 2 tall dark hair and plump, my 36 D boobs are probably my best feature and I was wearing a tight low cut top that night. The sort of top that would normally make my belly look big but I had lost some weight in preparation for the wedding so felt I could pull it off. Lots of guys obviously liked how I looked as I was getting way more attention than I would on a standard Friday night out. I must admit I was loving it and really enjoying myself. At about 11:30 pm Helen led us into a pub I’d never been to before. It was a small bar and there were probably about 30 people inside. We all got drinks and sat at a long table towards the back of the bar near a stage which I assumed was where local bands performed. After about 10 minutes a woman walked out on to the stage and started talking – welcoming everyone to the pub and saying she hoped we had a good night, after a minute or two I realised the woman was actually a drag act who proceeded to tell some dirty jokes mainly about men. All the girls were loving it, all of us laughing and having a great time as were other groups in the pub which were a mainly female audience.
After about 15 minutes of jokes the drag act then asked if we wanted to see “Hot Jake” and lots of the crowd cheered and shouted yes. Next thing a hot guy appeared from behind a curtain dressed as a fireman. The music in the pub was now blurting out the tune “hot stuff” and Jake moved through the pub. I must admit I was having a great night.
Jake must have been at least 6 feet 2 and when he took his top off we could see his amazing body, extremely muscular with an incredible 6 pack. Jake jumped up on stage and I heard the drag queen ask if there were any hen parties in, of course all my friends were cheering, clapping and shouting. The drag queen asked who the lucky lady was and all my friends were pointing at me and then without quite knowing how it had happened I was up on stage and the drag queen was asking me questions. “When wasI getting married?”,” Who was I getting married to?”,” Did Rob have a big cock?” OMG I was playing along and all my friends were laughing and cheering. “Did Jake have a better body than Jake?” Well I had to say yes it was the truth. Then the drag queen asked my friends if I should have a dance with Jake and of course all my friends indeed all the pub were saying yes and I felt I couldn’t say no. Before I knew it I was sitting on a chair on the stage facing the pub and Jake was gyrating in front of me. In a flash his trousers were off and he was standing in front of me in just a black brief and a pair of boots and my word what a bulge. The next thing he was sitting on my lap facing the pub he caught hold of each omy hands and was running them down his chest and stomach and wow his body felt amazing and my pussy was now very wet, in fact wetter than I’d been for a while. I was so turned on. Next thing he is squeezing my hand against his package over his briefs and well he felt so much bigger than Rob. The drag queen was now asking me “do you like what you feel?” – “yes” I said into the microphone as everyone cheered. Then Jake turned to face me and the drag queen handed him a can of whipped cream, Jake squirted some cream on each nipple and the next thing I knew I was licking the cream off, mmm lovely. Then Jake wrapped a union jack flag around his lower half and slid his briefs to the floor. He turned around to face the crowd and then opened the flag to give everyone a quick flash, my friends were laughing and giggling. Then Jake turned to face me he opened the flag and squirted cream along the length of his cock and omg what a cock it was I would say at least 3 inches longer than Rob’s and much thicker and it only looked semi-hard. When it was covered in cream it looked like the most delicious thing in the world. I know Jake wanted me to suck him right there. I could hear him say “go on suck it you know you want to”. My head was swirling in a heady mix of alcohol and lust but I leant forward and took Jake in my mouth. I was enjoying myself now and feeling Jake get hard in my mouth was just amazing.
I would pretty much have let Jake do anything to me at this point and I was not thinking about Rob or the consequences of my actions one bit. Jake grabbed my wrist and got me to stand up. He whispered in my ear “lie down sexy” and I did, I just lay on the floor. Next thing the drag queen is asking me questions again – “Do you think Jake is sexy?” – “O yes” I heard myself say, “Is he hotter than Rob?” – “yes definitely” I said. I could hear my friends cheering and laughing. “Any time you want him to stop just say No” the drag queen said and then to the audience “Should Jake carry on?”, “Yes” they all shouted.
Jake was now totally naked and lying on top of me, my hands on his gorgeous arse we were kissing – deep french kissing and I was loving it. Next Jake pulled my top down to expose my breasts and squirted cream on my nipples. Jake was licking my nipples and I was letting him in front of a crowded pub, thinking back now I can hardly believe I was doing this. I’d never done anything like it before but I was now fuelled by alcohol and lust. I looked over to my friends and I could see Helen with a big grin on her face egging me on. As I looked at her I could feel Jake’s hand reach up my skirt and expertly remove my panties. I looked up at him, he was on his knees sniffing my panties and grinning. My cunt was absolutely dripping now and o how I wanted him. Next thing the drag queen is asking “Do you want Jake to stop?” and shoving a microphone in my face. “No” I said so all the pub could hear and o how they cheered at that. I looked up at sexy Jake and he was ripping the wrapping off a condom with his mouth. The thoughts running through my mind at this point. I was thinking he can’t fuck me here in front of everyone but that thought also excited me I wanted him to do just that. He slid the condom down his huge cock and now I could hear my friends practically chanting “fuck her, fuck her”. Now the drag queen asked “Do you want it?” – “Yes” I heard myself scream and then “fuck me” into the mic so everyone could hear. I was such a slut at this point but I didn’t care. I just wanted that big dick. Then he slid it in, I could feel it stretch my cunt like it had never been stretched before he was fucking me in front of everyone and I was loving moaning as he fucked me with the biggest dick I’d ever seen. Then I came with the biggest and best orgasm I’d ever had. I absolutely loved every minute, what a night.
I went through with the wedding and settled into married life with Rob, things were good but I did feel pangs of guilt whenever memories of my hen night drifted into my mind. I can trust my friends they would never spill the beans. However a year later while things are fine between Rob and me and the sex is good I find myself thinking about that stripped and craving his cock I need something bigger than Rob’s 5 inches, I know what its like to have more and do I need it now.

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