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What would it be like to introduce the term sex-toys into our lives if sex was a taboo subject? As expected, most Indians know very little about adult sex toys.

As a result, we make it our mission to inform our clients about sex toys—what they are, how to use them safely, and any other relevant information. Let’s get started then…

Love is beyond words. Similarly, there is no one correct way to define or experience joy; it is subjective. In India, adult sex toys are essentially objects or devices designed to fulfil a person’s libidinal desires. Some look like human genitalia, while others are insertable vibrators (which may or may not vibrate) or are simply designed to cause pain for people who enjoy that sensation.

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Have you ever observed that on registration papers in our nation, the field labelled “Sex” is really referred to as “Gender”? It’s true that we strive to avoid this straightforward word consisting of only three letters in some way. Then why is having sexual encounters considered extremely taboo in India?

Surprisingly, we come from the region where the Kama Sutra was first presented, and the author was a thinker by the name of Vatsyayana. The time period was well before the sixth century. As is common knowledge, the Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian treatise written in Sanskrit that sheds insight on sexuality, eroticism, and the attainment of emotional happiness in one’s life. It also unlocks the doors of one’s imagination. This “taboo” was observed in our very own country many years ago; nevertheless, in modern times, it is considered inappropriate to discuss it in a public setting. It’s a little strange, isn’t it?
We are the country with the second highest population in the entire planet! Since it is common knowledge that we all engage in the activity in question behind closed doors, there is no reason to avoid discussing it openly. Even young children are exposed to sexually explicit material in classroom settings. Why, therefore, do we avoid talking about something that is always happening around us? We all discuss rape cases and offer our opinions on various social media platforms, but the second an intimate scenario is portrayed on television, we all instantly change the channel. It is about time that we examine the concept of sex as being more open and discuss it in a healthy and natural manner rather than treating it as something that is simply hidden away in a bedsheet as it has always been.


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