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Want to Get Closer to Your Partner than Ever Before? Try Swaddling Sex

Intimate Swaddling Sex

Want to Get Closer to Your Partner than Ever Before? Try Swaddling Sex

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Intimate Swaddling Sex during intimacy, allow us to explain. It’s a blend of sleeping and intimate positioning where partners agree to fall asleep together during physical connection. While this isn’t for everyone—especially if you prefer personal space during sleep or find the idea uncomfortable—it does offer significant benefits for those who enjoy constant closeness.

According to sex educator and Early to Bed owner Searah Deysach, swaddling’s allure lies in the profound intimacy it fosters through prolonged physical connection. “Engaging in slow, relaxed intimacy throughout the night can sustain a deep sense of closeness,” she explains.

The nature of physical connection during swaddling can vary based on partners’ preferences, encompassing a range from traditional penetration to other forms like strap-on play. Licensed New York City sex therapist Sandi Kaufman emphasizes that the aim isn’t vigorous activity for hours; rather, it’s about nurturing a profound bond. “During sleep, partners can’t get any closer, promoting a sense of closeness and security,” Kaufman notes.

However, a crucial consideration remains if penetration involving a penis occurs, ensuring protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Eric Marlowe Garrison, a Virginia-based sex counselor, suggests using internal or female condoms for added safety. When using a strap-on, Deysach advises opting for 100 percent silicone materials for comfort during extended use.

If a condom slips off during swaddling, it’s essential to remove it promptly to avoid potential risks like irritation or infection. Kaufman cautions against swaddling for individuals prone to certain conditions like yeast infections, PID, or UTIs. Nevertheless, following standard post-intimacy hygiene practices, such as urinating after and gentle cleansing, can reduce these risks.

Additionally, ample lubrication is crucial, particularly for strap-on or anal activities. Using water-based lube with silicone toys is recommended to avoid degradation over time. For those opting out of barrier protection, silicone lube offers longer-lasting moisture and may be preferable.

Are you intrigued by swaddling? Here are three positions to explore:

  1. The Swaddling Spoon

The Swaddling Spoon

In this position, the penetrating partner assumes the role of the big spoon, while the receiving partner is the little spoon. The process is straightforward: penetrate, embrace, drift off. Any sleepy movements during the night can enhance the experience. Deysach suggests using a fabric harness for maximum comfort, especially if wearing one throughout the night.

  1. The All-Night Hug

all night Hug

Facing each other, intertwine your limbs without discomfort, and relax together. Take a moment to savor the intimacy of falling asleep with someone you deeply care about, with one partner inside the other.

  1. The Cheat Sheet


For those interested in swaddling but find it impractical, Deysach recommends trying naked sleep with hands gently cupping each other’s genitals. This option maintains intimacy and sensuality while allowing some personal space, making it appealing to those who aren’t fond of extended cuddling.

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