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10 Signs Of Bisexuality In Males: Understand Your Sexuality And Fight Common Misconceptions

Male Bisexuality Insights

10 Signs Of Bisexuality In Males: Understand Your Sexuality And Fight Common Misconceptions

Is it possible to cultivate affection for two women concurrently? Or, two men? Answering this isn’t typically challenging for most of us. But what about finding appeal in both men and women? Or, individuals encompassing diverse genders? Research indicates that bisexuals—those drawn to multiple genders—constitute the largest segment within the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, an unusual and persistent stigma surrounds them. When women express their bisexuality, they face skepticism or are unfairly labeled as promiscuous. Simultaneously, signs of bisexuality in men often encounter outright dismissal.

Bi men frequently contend with assertions that they are essentially gay, or worse, that genuine bisexuality in men doesn’t exist. Moreover, societal acceptance of bisexual men lags behind that of bisexual women.

To unravel the reasons behind this, we delve into the signs of male bisexuality and the misconceptions enveloping bisexual men.

However, before delving into the deconstruction of male bisexuality, let’s establish a clear understanding of what bisexuality entails.

What is Bisexuality?

an author and bisexual advocate, defines bisexuality as the potential for romantic and/or sexual attraction to individuals of more than one sex and/or gender:

  • Not necessarily simultaneously
  • Not necessarily in the same manner
  • Not necessarily to the same extent

“But ‘bi’ implies two!” is a common retort when individuals attempt to elucidate their bisexuality. This misconception arises from interpreting “bi” in “bisexual” as attraction limited to precisely two gender identities: male and female. However, a shift occurred in 2020 when Merriam-Webster revised its definition to acknowledge gender identity as a spectrum. Consequently, bisexuality now signifies attraction to “the same gender and different genders,” as per GLAAD.

Can Men Be Bisexual?

The question of whether men can be bisexual has fueled debates among sexuality researchers for decades. Some argue, with controversy, that male bisexuality is indeed genuine, backed by mapping arousal patterns. Others challenge the notion that scientific proof is necessary to validate one’s sexuality. Gallup surveys reveal a growing identification as bisexual among young adults, yet bisexual men remain a minority within this demographic.

Societal factors contribute to the negligence, denial, or concealment of male bisexuality. Social erasure, self-erasure, and media representations perpetuate challenges for bisexual men to openly embrace their inclinations.

Common Misconceptions Associated With Male Bisexuality

1. A Bisexual Man is Actually Straight, Gay, or Lying

Despite the Kinsey Scale proposing a continuum of sexual orientations, bisexual men often face accusations of confusion, potential straightness, or impending homosexuality. Studies indicate that perceptions lean toward a bisexual man being more attracted to other men.

2. A Bisexual Man is Drawn Equally to Men and Women

Contrary to the assumption of a 50/50 split, emphasizes that bisexual attraction can vary significantly. Preferences may lean toward certain genders, encompassing non-binary individuals or fluctuating over time.

3. A Bisexual Man is Looking for a Threesome

A common stereotype suggests that bisexual men perpetually seek threesomes. However, sexual preferences are diverse and individual, unrelated to one’s sexual orientation.

4. A Bisexual Man Can’t Have Monogamous Relationships

Challenging the notion that bisexuality hinders commitment, asserts that monogamy is unrelated to sexual orientation. Bisexual individuals are as capable of forming lasting partnerships as anyone else.

5. A Bisexual Man Isn’t Dating or Relationship Material

Contrary to biases on dating apps, studies reveal positive ratings for bisexual men as long-term partners, lovers, caring fathers, and equitable companions.

6. Bisexuality is Just a Phase

Dismissal of bisexuality as a phase overlooks the permanence and validity of one’s sexual orientation.  Contends that sexuality doesn’t change but evolves with increased self-awareness.

10 Signs of Bisexuality In Males – Understand Your Sexuality

Determining bisexuality is nuanced, lacking rigid definitions. Potential indicators include:

  1. Examination of fantasies and fears.
  2. Curiosity about bisexuality, reflected in porn preferences.
  3. Cross-gender crushes in fictional contexts.
  4. Relatability to bisexual characters.
  5. Ambiguous feelings toward close friends.
  6. Imagining oneself with individuals of various genders.
  7. Sensitivity to stigmas around male bisexuality.
  8. Persistent self-questioning about bisexuality.
  9. Attraction to the idea of bisexuality.
  10. A genuine resonance with the “bi” label.

Understanding and embracing bisexuality necessitate time and self-acceptance. Addressing concerns about disclosure to others involves communication, preparation for varied reactions, and allowing time for understanding.

How to Explore Bisexuality

For those certain of their feelings but uncertain about exploration:

  1. Be open about bisexual inclinations in relationships.
  2. Practice radical self-acceptance, dispelling self-judgment.
  3. Recognize that sexual orientation is diverse, respecting individual preferences.

In conclusion, sexuality defies one-size-fits-all categorization. It resembles a map guiding personal desires, and the navigation is a personal journey, free from external prescriptions.


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