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Five ways fitness improves your sexual life

Exercising can improve your sex life tenfold

You have promised yourself to put on your gym pants and go running on the treadmill from next week. Like me, you have procrastinated your plan over and over. Pizza is the love of your life and anything green on your plate fills you with terror. All sound too familiar? Losing that few extra pounds is not an incentive enough for people like us.

Well, exercising can improve your sex life tenfold. It will lead to better movements, better flexibility and of course, to bigger, better, louder orgasms.

Here’s why you should exercise regularly to boost your sex life.

1. Mind-body connection is improved

Fitness regimes and exercises improve body mind connection. Moving muscles circulate blood flow, engage hormones and add to the engagement of bodily fluids. Connection of the mind and body is enhanced. Exercise gets rid of muscle cramps and boosts confidence for a change in sex life.

2. Pelvic muscles are strengthened

Like Yoga, fitness routines engage the pelvic muscles. The stronger the pelvic muscles are, better is the sex, better are the orgasms. Weak muscles can make you lose sensation during sex.

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3. Blood circulation is enhanced

While exercising, the heart rate is elevated that gets the blood pumping faster. Regular exercise and fitness routine makes the arteries healthier, including the ones that lies between the legs. Improved blood flow naturally ensures the flexibility of arteries that can expand easily once turned on. A good blood flow increases the release of endorphins which can turn you on easily and increases libido.

4. Stamina is boosted

Regular exercises boost stamina and we all know how crucial stamina in sex life is. For both men and women, exercising makes you try different sex positions without burning out too quickly. Increase in stamina can make you last longer and make sex life all the more fun.

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5. Elevates confidence along with a healthy diet

A fitness plan should be such that we feel hungry after regular intervals. If you take care of the body, the body is sure to take care of you. Exercising well means cutting down on the daily intake of junk food. Everything with high calorie value must not be taken regularly. Juice up with lots of water; it keeps the body hydrated throughout. Fruits and vegetables in the diet is not only healthy but also gives you a glow. Your confidence is boosted- when you look good, you feel good, right?

So, why not give it a shot and see your sex life change drastically. Once you see how good it gets, you would not want to stop. Exercising, I mean!

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