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Dirty Text Messages 56+ Erotic and Sexy Ideas

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Dirty Text Messages: 56+ Erotic and Sexy Ideas

So, girls, now that you know the basics, grab your phone, copy and paste these dirty text messages, and start sexting!

Keep your fingers ready to hit the send button and use these sexting examples to speak your own sex language.

1. Starters or Ice Breakers: Sexy Text Messages for Him

These are used to test the waters and see what happens when you send these sexy, erotic texts.

One of my email subscribers from the US sent these sexy texts to her boyfriend, and she was shocked by how well they worked.

Your arms look very strong in that shirt…
Your behind looks good in those jeans…
You look so hot in that suit…
Will it make you happy if I text you first, or should I wait for you to text me?
What do you know? As I lay in bed, I’m thinking about you.
I can’t find the words to say how hot you are.
I never knew how to start talking to someone. Would you be interested?
I can’t wait to find out if you’re as good as I think you are.
Do you know that you’re very cute?
What do you wish for?
How long has it been since you last thought about me?
I had a dream about you just now.
Your body is beautiful.
Are you getting in shape?
I just finished taking a shower. I’m just about covered by the towel.

2. Flirters Offer Sexting Messages for Him

Sexy Flirters is basically a form of sexting chat that gets him to talk about sexy things without being too explicit. In other words, being a little mean without saying much.

I’m really shy, but you don’t know what I’m thinking.
What are your plans for tonight after our date? What’s going to happen to me?
What would you do if we were locked in a bedroom together?
Would you like to mess with me tonight in my bed?
I don’t feel like going to the movies… can you think of other things we could do in the dark together?
I made a mistake. I might have to get hit.
If you stay the night at my house. I’ll do my best to make sure you remember your trip.
Do you have any idea how badly I want to feel your body against mine?
Imagine that we’re alone in the bedroom, and then tell me what’s on your mind.
What is your dirty little secret? Come on, you have to have one.
Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to pass by again?
Tell me your last sexual thought.
I’m so busy thinking about you that I had to send the same email three times.

3. Sexting Messages for Him: Short, juicy texts that will get him hard in an instant.

If you send him the right kind of sexy texts, it will definitely strengthen your sexual connection, turn him on, and make him want to be with you.

I like seeing you [cook, work, or watch the game].
I bet you can’t guess what I’m thinking about you right now that’s so incredibly hot.
What would you do to me if you could do anything you wanted?
Please come to my house and help me take my bra off.
I can’t stop thinking about your behind in those tight shorts you were wearing this morning.
I know exactly what you want, but I’m not going to give it to you unless you beg.
I wish we were by ourselves.
When you look at me, I get chills.
Your arms are pretty hot.
Last night, you looked so good. I could hardly hold it together.
I can’t wait to put my body next to yours and feel how strong you are.
Your touch is so wonderful.
Come warm me up.
Where do you first want to touch me?
Do you like how my breasts pop out of my t-shirt? Or does it go too far?
Do you think I show too much skin?
I can’t stop thinking about last night.
Tonight, I’ll play with your erogenous areas and make you cum hard, very hard.
Do my breasts look too big in this t-shirt?
Hot Wall Kiss – Dirty Talking
Will work for Single, 4, and 5. Sex Talk for Him: Dirty, Sexual, and Hot
As your relationship with a guy grows, you can use unique sexual messages and dirty talk to keep things hot and steamy in and out of the bedroom.

Here are some great ways to talk about sex:

I’ll do something bad to show you how bad I can be.
Please, can you help me? I can’t stop thinking about some very dirty things.
Do you want to see how bad I can be as a girl for you? If you do, look at me and smile.
Just thinking about you makes me wet myself.
I love it when you squeal with delight when I call your name, but what would it take for you to sweat with pleasure?
I want to see how well you can play your tongue between my spaces.
As soon as you walk through the door, your clothes will fall off.
Tonight, I want you to tell me what to do.
Hey, Baby! Just wanted to know if I should wear the red or blue tie. I don’t understand. Can you explain? After all, you’re the one who’s going to play with it tonight, right?
Sweetheart, get out of the gym and save your energy for the Bang-Bang. Tonight, I’ll make love to you and make you crazy between my legs.
Last night, I had a dream that you and I were screaming and sweating with extreme pleasure. I just wanted to ask if you could stay in my bedroom tonight to make my dream come true.
Oh, Honey! Even just thinking about you makes me wet my pants.
Tonight, I want you to slowly take off all my clothes with your strong hands and bite every part of my body.
When I’m with you, the feeling of your touch makes my whole body tense up in joy.
I just watched a dirty movie, and I can’t stop thinking about all the dirty things you could do to me if you were here. I was wondering if you wanted to stay the night with me.
I just got a new set of underwear and wanted you to come see how it looks on me.
I like how you do bad things in bed because it keeps me interested and excited.
When I touch you down there, I can feel your strength. It’s very hot, very heavy, and as hard as a stick.
Oh, Honey! Even just thinking about you makes me wet my pants.
Hot Wall Kiss – Dirty Talking
Will work for women who are single, dating, or married

5. Spicy Sexting Text Messages for Him

To him, sending a text message is like having a dirty sexual conversation for sexual pleasure. In other words, they were trying to get people excited about the main show.

Tell me four things you like most about my body. If you’re honest, I’ll give you at least two tonight. Deal?
I love how you kiss me, especially when I scream and moan the most.
Tell me how badly you want me, and why. If your answer is good enough, we’ll move on to the next step to make your wish come true.
When I touch your stick, I feel so hot and pumped up that it really makes me wet and moist inside.
When you whisper my name, I love to moan with excitement. But tell me what it will take to make you scream with pain and pleasure.
Can you send me a text message about what you’d do to me tonight if you were sleeping next to me? I can’t sleep because I’m so excited and can’t wait to spend the night with you.
I just wanted to say that my new red underwear feels great and seductive against my skin. I wish you were here so I could show it to you.
Tonight, I’m going to wear my best red thong, which is very sexy. What do you think?
I can’t wait to hug you, because the way you hug gets me so hot and excited.
When you touch me down there, it makes me feel so hot.
Tonight, I want to taste, smell, touch, and feel your skin against mine.
Take off your clothes, because I want to look at your manly body and rub it all night long.
I want to feel the wetness of your lips all over my body. But the only catch is that I have to show you the way with my hands.

6. Become the dirty-talking wife for him.

If you think things are getting even a little bit boring. Before it’s too late, you need to realize that it’s time to add some dirty texting and sexting ideas to your menu to bring your sex life back to life and make you feel wanted and desired again.

Be the woman or girl who talks dirty, and your man will love you for it.

I missed your toy so much that I went online to look for other sex games.
I made a mistake. I might have to get hit.
I really like how you roll your tongue over my nipples as they slowly slide down below my waist. It makes me tingle inside.
I love how, when you hold me in your arms and look into my eyes, you push me back with your manly strength.
I really want to make out with you when I see how sweaty you are after you work out.
I want to have you in my bed all by yourself, without anyone else there.
I’m going to make you beg for it.
I’ve never had this happen before. Just thinking about you makes me wet.
Have you ever reached out to yourself when you thought about me?
Before I met you, I don’t think I’d ever had a real orgasm.
Allow me to watch as you touch yourself.
If you want to touch this, get on your knees and beg.
I’ll make you beg me for it.
There’s nothing hotter than seeing a bulge in your pants grow.
When I thought about you today, it made me cry.
When your fingers dance on my wet floor, it makes me very happy.
You made me feel like I was in heaven when you pushed hard inside of me.
How long will it be before I can feel you again?
I want to sit on you so you can feel my behind.

7. You can use Tinder to send sexting messages.

(These will make your man feel like an animal again)
You should only send these hot, dirty, detailed sexy sexts to your man if you already have a sexting code with him. They would sound weird if you used them when you first started texting.

You can also use these creepy texts to seduce a guy you met on Tinder, but only after you’ve earned his trust.

Will you hit that jerk hard for me? That makes my behind wet.
When I think about how hard your dick is, I get so wet.
Sit back and take it easy while I stroke that dick.
I want you to make out with me.
I love how your cock feels in my hand.
You should get here soon. I want you to touch me everywhere.
I love that your balls are so soft.
I want you so much right now that I can’t sit still.
I want to feel how big and hard your cock is. Now.
I’m so horny because I want you to fuck me hard.
Right now, I want to be on you. Until I beat you.
What if I took your pants off right now and started sucking your big dick?
I want you to put your manly arms around me and stick your cock in me.
I want you to take me in your arms and fuck me hard.
Today, I had to change my underwear. I got it wet when I thought about how hard you made me explode inside last night.
My breasts are DYING for you to lick them.
No one has fucked me like you do.
My lips are so hard. They know I’ll see you tonight.
Allow me to watch as you touch yourself.
I’m going to make it so hard for you to come.
I want to sit on you and feel how your cock gets hard on me.
I want to suck your scrotum until you beg me to stop.

8. Sexting Messages for Him: Dirty text messages for him to read when he wakes up.

It’s morning, and you’re likely still tired. Got it. Don’t worry, these made-for-you horny morning texts will keep him thinking about you all day.

Here’s a cute (but not naked) picture to help you get through the day.
The dream I had about us last night keeps coming back to my mind.
I bet you didn’t think you were going out with this wild woman, did you?
I really like the way your manly hand feels in my yoga pants.
Is HE also already up?
I would love to touch you while you are sleeping.
What gets me through the day is thinking about your strong body.
Last night, you were FANTASTIC. I still have a part of you in me.
Dirty Texts at Work. The end.
To be good at this very powerful method, you need to be both funny and dirty, and most importantly, you need to get the timing right.

These dirty, sexual, and sexy text messages range from sweet to saucy (and some are even NSFW), and you can copy and paste them or change them to fit your style or mood.

Some of these erotic messages are great as short, hot texts to break up a normal day…

…while others are the start of longer, sexier talks that will get him excited.

In the end, you will get the most complete guide to sexting, including why, what, and how to do it, as well as the best attractive text messages for him that you can use in any situation.

Even if you’ve never texted before, are in a new relationship, or are very careful… Stay with me, and I’ll walk you through the wild, hot world of sexting step by step.
If you like this post, you’ll also like this Powerful Video on Dirty Talking to Learn the “right words and phrases” to slowly “raise the heat” with a man and turn on the pleasure signals in HIS brain.

Quick warning: It will show you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually hooked to you.

What is texting?

Wikipedia says that sexting is sending, getting, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photos, or images of yourself to other people, mostly through mobile phones.

From my study and analysis, I’ve learned that most Google searches about sexting come from the United States, Australia, and Canada. And these searches can’t stop thinking about sexting and talking dirty.

The word came into use at the beginning of the 21st century. It is a combination of the words “sex” and “texting,” where “texting” is used in a broad sense to mean writing a text message, possibly with images.

In fact, dirty texting is like the warm-up. Think of the sexy texts you send him as your lips kissing his neck, nibbling his earlobes, and gently touching him to make him feel sexually aroused.

See what he says, and then decide what to do next.

Jane Greer, PhD, a relationship expert and author of What About Me?, says it’s a great way to “improve sexual communication and intimacy with your partner.”

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or are just starting out, sending flirty or dirty messages is a great way to keep things interesting.

Using dirty texts to make him want to be with you should be fun and exciting.

Tip: Young people aren’t the only ones who can say sexy things over text. You and your partner can send sexy texts to each other if you both want to.

Why do men like to talk dirty? (And why should I text him dirty things?)
I get this question a lot: Why does dirty talk make him so interested and horny?

And I’ll answer this question right now. Feel free to tell your friends about it.

Tip: If you find out why he likes it when you talk dirty, you’ll have an unfair edge.

It’s like having strong, seductive ninja skills that make him hard around you.

Simple dirty talking lines can be so powerful that he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. This guide has the best dirty talking text messages.

I know that’s what you want.

So let’s figure out why talking dirty makes guys go crazy.

1. Lady on the streets, Freak in the beds

If you act like a girl in public but say rude things when you’re alone, this difference gives him a mega-charge of excitement.

He thinks he’s a special person because he’s able to see this bad side of you.

Like he’s the one who makes you want to be free, and that makes his ego feel good.

Even if you aren’t the most proper person in the world, seeing you turn into a dirty little vixen for his eyes is a thrill for him.

This makes him more aware of everything around him and makes the whole scene more tempting and appealing to him.

2. He feels like a sex rock star.

When you let out a string of moans, screams, and dirty commands, you show him how much you fucking LOVE what he’s doing to you.

Your squeals of joy let him know in no uncertain terms that he’s making you happy.

You see, men’s brains are hardwired to want to physically please women. This goes back to the time when people lived in caves.

But in the modern world, both men and women send mixed signals that can make it hard for him to know when he’s “done his job” of meeting your sexual wants.

The idea of dirty talk cuts through all the murky and makes itself clear to him.

3. Your courage kills him.

A woman who is confident and strong enough to talk dirty to get what she wants in bed is very attractive and very tempting.

Most men can’t resist being attracted to women who aren’t afraid to show their dark side and aren’t afraid to be sexual.

When you tell him what you want, he doesn’t have to try to figure out how to get you excited.

And the fact that you talk dirty and send erotica shows that you are not shy or shy-like.

You’re both going to have a good time!

sexting messages for him, sexy text messages for him, erotic messages for him, and dirty text pictures
Excitement is always rated as the number one thing that makes a man think sex is great.

4. Dirty talk makes things interesting.

Men really (REALLY) like to feel excited.

In fact, excitement is always rated as the number one thing that makes a man think sex is great.

Think about it: a quiet partner can be mistaken for someone who is bored or preoccupied, which can really ruin the mood.

He ends up wondering if he’s making you happy, which can make him feel bad about himself.

When you talk dirty, you are not only fully present and in the moment, but it is also clear as day that you are having fun.

The fact that you’re so interested in what’s going on between you two proves that he’s making you happy both mentally and physically.

All of the above things make your man’s brain release more than one chemical, and you can hit some of the best spots for his sex drive.

Who knew that talking dirty could be explained by science? Is that right?

Of course, not every woman is okay with dirty talk, and if that sounds like you, you are not alone.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’m too shy to talk dirty!”Or maybe you just want to know how to talk dirty to a guy…

I’ll tell you about something very important at the end of this post. It will blow your mind for sure.

All I ask is that you don’t let your fears keep you from trying this fun technique in bed.

When should you send him a seductive text?
Cosmopolitan did a poll (point 6) that found it can be exciting to send sexts to your man when he is not expecting them.

Say, when he is in an important meeting, shopping at the grocery store, waiting in line, or playing a computer game.

When a guy gets a sexy text message at an unexpected time, he wants to respond but can’t because of where he is and what he’s doing. This makes things even more exciting.

You could also be with… but when there are other people around and you can’t just run off to have sex right away.

sexting messages for him, sexy text messages for him, erotic messages for him, and dirty text pictures
It can be exciting to send your man sexts when you can’t have sex right away.

Even though you need to be able to text without anyone seeing you.

So you shouldn’t use your phones at a movie, play, or other place where people might get mad at you for doing so.

Some times when it works well are:

A meeting of people or a party.
A group meal.
A family get-together.
A lunch at work.
A benefit for a good cause.
A game or match.
A place where live music is played.
These are just some suggestions…

The only thing that matters is that you are in a place where you can easily make eye contact and use your phones without drawing too much attention to yourselves.

You should be with other people if possible. It makes things sexier… and sweet suffering.

When the sexy texts you send don’t fit with where your partner is, it’s really exciting.

Send sexts sometimes, but not every day.
If you send a guy a sext every day, it will become a regular routine, which is not what you want.

You should tone it down a bit to keep him on his toes.

Flirt with him now and then, but keep the flirting and dirty texts to a minimum so that your relationship doesn’t become all about sex.

Sometimes, sexy texts are a great way to spice up a relationship or sex life and keep things going smoothly, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

How to Sext: Step-by-step instructions on how to send him sexual messages
It should be easy and comfortable to send a text message to your boyfriend or husband.

As a sex therapist says, the seductive words and phrases you use in your texts should feel sexy and not vulgar. If you’re not comfortable with the texts you’re sending, your nerves will ruin the mood and ruin the moment.

Marin also said that starting with lines and phrases you feel fine with will help you build trust so you can go further with lines that felt awkward at first.

Expert tip: You don’t have to hurry. It’s sexier to start with something easy.

Also, letting your man know that you like what he says and giving him comments can help keep things going.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Andy Duran said, “Without in-person feedback, it’s even more important to say what you like.”

Check out this great movie by Adina Rivers (or keep reading if you can’t hear ).

Step 1: How to Sext
You could start with a Starter (or Ice Breaker) Sexy Text like:

Your arms look very strong in that shirt…
Your behind looks good in those jeans…
You look so hot in that suit…

You could also give him praise for something he did recently:

After your workout, I loved how sweaty and tasty you looked…
I really like how smart and strong you look when you are working…
When you got out of the shower this morning, your buttocks looked great.
Step 2: How to Sext
After that, tell him what about him gets you excited:

And I’m thinking all sorts of bad things.
And it gets me excited.
I wish we were by ourselves.
And it’s making me very excited.

Tip: Keep in mind that how dirty the text you send him depends on how you’re feeling and what you’re okay with.
Step 3: How to Sext
Now that you’ve said some sexy things, he’s paying attention. And now it’s time to get dirty and talk about things.

Tip: If he hasn’t checked his phone yet, go over to him as soon as you can and say “check your phone” in his ear. Then go back to your place.

Here are some examples of dirty texts you can send to him to get things going.

I’ll do something bad to show you how bad I can be.
Do you want to see how bad I can be as a girl for you? If you do, look at me and smile.
Now, the goal is to make him physically excited.

To get him going.

Then mix and match different sexual texts and send them to him. It’s important to be very clear.

Things such as:

I want to feel how big and hard your cock is. Now.
Right now, I want to be on you. Until I beat you.
I want you so much right now that I can’t sit still.
I’m so horny because I want you to fuck me hard.
What if I took your pants off right now and started sucking your dick? I’m thinking about it because…
Tip: Send a message every few minutes or so to set a certain pace.

You don’t have to keep an eye on the time or do anything else.

But put some space between them.

sexting messages for him, sexy text messages for him, erotic messages for him, and dirty text pictures
When flirting is done right, both of you will find a reason to leave wherever you are early.

Step 4: How to Sext
Get away from me and get to work!

You’ll both find a reason to leave wherever you are early (or meet somewhere if you’re not there).

But sometimes you might have to sit through the whole thing. The pain itself can be kind of tasty.

When you leave and are finally alone, whether it’s at home, in a parked car, or at a nearby motel, make good on those vows and have some frenzied strip-off sex.

More advice and tips on how to sext.
1. Keep your sexy texts a secret.
It can be hard to tell the difference between a real sexy text and a “normal” sexual text.

Normal, straight-forward texts won’t get a guy interested (unless he’s already interested).

These lines skip the suspense and get right to the point.

“I want to have sex with you” is an example.

This phrase sounds just like regular talk between two people, which doesn’t make them feel sexual.

To have great sex with your partner, you need to send him sexy, erotic texts that excite his senses and make him feel like he’s part of your sexual dreams. Make sure to check out our examples of sexy messages to send him at the end of this post! There are Ice Breakers, Hot, Flirters, and NSFW songs., anything else.

2. Check your dirty texts for mistakes
Normal talks are great with auto correct… But when you’re in the middle of texting, they’re not your best friend.

So be sure to check the spelling of your dirty texts!

A bad autocorrect can ruin your day.

Trust me, he won’t want to hear about how much you want to “duck” him.

3. Don’t always ask questions with no clear answer.
“What are you going to do to me?” would get an amazing response from a sexter with a lot of experience.

But if your man isn’t as sure of himself (yet) or didn’t expect you to do something like that, it could be awkward.

So, sometimes, instead of asking open-ended questions, it’s better to use a multiple-choice question to try to get your guy’s attention without putting too much pressure on him.

For instance: “What do you want to do today after the movie? What about sushi? What’s that? Come back to my house and take off your clothes?”

4. Take a deep breath and let it go!
It helps to think about putting yourself in the role.

What would you say to him if you were a bad girl? Play that part, and don’t worry about what dirty things you say.

sexting messages for him, sexy text messages for him, erotic messages for him, and dirty text pictures
What would you say to him if you were a bad girl? Play that part, and don’t worry about what dirty things you say.

Now that you know how to sext, let’s go straight to the best and hottest sexting examples (that you can copy and paste and use right now!)
Send pictures when you text. The correct path.
When you send him sexy texts with sexy pictures, make sure that your naughty texts make him curious and interested.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you just got out of the shower and want to send him a hot picture of yourself.

You shouldn’t show too much of your body. Just show a little bit.

Show off your chest or a little bit of your curves below the waist with the towel.

This will definitely make him start thinking about how hot and fresh you look right out of the shower.

sexting messages for him, sexy text messages for him, erotic messages for him, and dirty text pictures
When sexting, pictures that are subtle, suggestive, and tasteful work better than plain nudes.

The idea behind this is to set up a scene where flirting, naughty pictures, and sexy texts build up the heat and sexual energy.

He will probably want more.

But if you say “no” to that, he will keep thinking about you and imagining how hot and sexy you look.

Vogue says that when sexting, pictures that are subtle, suggestive, and tasteful work better.

A Brief Guide to Sexting
Sexting has to be simple and easy. If you’re nervous about the texts you’re writing, it will ruin the moment and make you feel bad.
You don’t have to hurry. It’s sexier to start with something easy. Think of Sexting as the beginning of the fun.
The Sexy Message has to be written in your voice. You won’t sound right if you try to talk like a pornstar.
“I can’t stop thinking about your ass in those tight boxers you were wearing this morning.”
It can be exciting to send your man sexts when he isn’t expecting them.
When you are together, send him a naughty message… but when there are other people around and you can’t just run off to have sex right away.
See what he says, and then decide what to do next.
Start slowly with a “Ice Breaker” to see how things go.
After that, tell him what it is about him that you like.
The faster you go, the hotter and dirtier you’ll get. Give more details and be more clear.
The goal is to make him feel physically interested. To get him going.
Text every now and then, but not every day. If not, it will become a habit.
If you send him hot pictures, don’t show too much of your body (like your cleavage in a towel after a bath). This will definitely get his mind going and make him start thinking about you.
Check your writing for mistakes. When autocorrect goes wrong, it can really ruin your day. (He doesn’t want to know how much you want to be his “duck”).
If your man isn’t ready to sext yet, don’t ask him questions with no clear answer. (“What would you want to do to me?”). Instead, ask him questions with more than one answer. For example, “What do you want to do after the movie today? Sushi, ice cream, or come back to my house and get naked?”
General questions and answers about sexting and dirty texting
What to Say in Sweary Texts?
When you want to send your man a sexy or dirty text message, one of the most important things to remember is to send him short, fun messages that will make him want to answer.

This also shows that he wants to talk to her through dirty text messages and is eager to do so.

Here are a few quick examples of dirty text messages:

I’m trying to work, but all I can think about is how badly I want you inside me.

– Is your crotch hard right now? If you can’t wait to see me, let me know.

– How about a massage from head to toe tonight?
How to Write Texts About Sex?
How to write the best sex text messages:

Texts about sex that make a man feel horny.

Texts that are short but make him angry right away.

Texts that tease him and get him very excited.

Texts about sex that make him think about you all the time.

How to Send Sexy Texts and When to Do It?
When he can’t act on them is the best time to send him sexy texts and sexually explicit words.

Like when he’s at a meeting, the gym, or the grocery store.

Send him a sexy text that will make him want to rip off your pants… but he can’t do things like:

I’m trying to work, but all I can think about is how badly I want you inside me.

Dirty text messages not only make him more interested in you sexually, but they also make your next meeting or date more exciting.

Don’t forget to keep things interesting by sending him sexy text messages when he least expects them. This will build up his excitement and keep things hot between you two.

It’s important to mix them up and catch him off guard. If you sext every day, it will become boring and lose its thrill.

In the end,
When you send sexy texts and talk dirty, you end up having good sex, and when you have good sex, you make lovely memories that you can talk about and think about in the future.

When a relationship gets older, remembering the good times from the past helps keep it fresh and new.

Say something like, “I liked the way you used to run your hands through my hair” or “I liked the way you used to roll your tongue on my body” or “I liked the way I used to tremble with excitement and pleasure when you used to finger me.”

Talking about all of these memories will help you make new ones, and that’s the charm of these little sexy text messages for your love life.

I hope that these sexy messages help you tell your partner how much you love and want them.

But I’d like to end this post on a good, seductive note to keep the mood high.

“I’ll love you slowly and sweetly right now, but when you come, I’ll fuck you the way I need to. The way I’ve been thinking about since the day

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