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A Step-by-Step Guide to Locating the Finest Dildos

best dildo how to choose

Are you a novice in the world of Dildos, or are you simply looking to expand your existing toy collection? Consider this to be your one-stop-pop for locating the dildo that will bring out the mush in you. We are providing you with all the information you require in order to have a dildo “O” that will make your heart race and your hair stand on end, from the features you are looking for to some of the most popular models.


It may be challenging to locate the dildo that is ideal for you given the myriad of alternatives currently available. The good news is that there are a few crucial characteristics that, if present, can guarantee you an outstanding dildo (trust us). The following are some of the characteristics that might distinguish an exceptional dildo out from the rest of the pack.

  • A size that satisfies
  • A soft exterior
  • A rigid shaft
  • Realistic features
  • A suction-cup base

1. A Measurement That Is Appropriate

Although your fingers might be able to do the job in a pinch, nothing beats a dildo in terms of its length and width. If you want to maintain your sexual satisfaction at all times, a dildo is the perfect accessory for you—just make sure you obtain the proper size. You don’t want to start out with a dildo that is either too small or too big for you before you’re ready. The Goldilocks-approved length for a dildo is often between 7 and 8 inches, making this size the “just right” option. However, there is certain to be some variety here. There is, in fact, a size of dildo that caters to every imaginable preference and form of pleasure. Just keep in mind that there is a limit to how large (or small) dildos can get before they become unenjoyable to play with.


2. A Gentle Outer Layer

In real life, a penis that is held in an erect position is actually quite tender, particularly the head and the higher sections of the shaft. This not only enables deep penetration but also shields the vagina and anus from damage during hard sex. Therefore, the dildo you use ought to have a gentle texture.

If you make your dildo too difficult, it may seem quite artificial to you. Your dildo, in general, should be mushy and spongy in texture (and on the…hole). The fact that it is soft gives it a sense of realism, which is a major turn-on for most people. It also enables the dildo to compress when it is subjected to pressure, which ensures that it will have a nice, snug fit in the vagina or anus.

3. An Unbending Shaft

The exterior of the greatest dildos will be soft and mushy, but the shaft will have a lot of rigidity to it. Nobody wants a dildo to go halfway in, only to have difficulty pushing it in further because it’s just too flimsy – that is a quick way to kill the mood (particularly if you’re going at it solo).

The shaft is stabilized by a strong, stiff core, which also provides the dildo with the ideal amount of support, allowing it to maintain its soft and squishy characteristics. As a result, you end up with a dildo that is simple to insert while at the same time maintaining the genuine experience.

4. Realistic Features

Dildos, in contrast to many other types of vibrators, are typically designed to appear and feel much like actual penises. Therefore, when you are searching for the perfect Dildo, you should keep an eye out for characteristics that are true to life. This comprises a distinct penis head at the top of the shaft, balls at the base of the shaft (though this is dependant on desire), and veins on the shaft. Add some extra ribs and wrinkles for texture, and you’ve got something that’s about as near to real as you can get without really going down someone’s pants. A realistic dildo has a very real psychological effect on the user since it allows them to envision a real penis fulfilling their naughtiest dreams about how a penis should feel. But, do you. It’s totally fine if you want something that’s a little less realistic or even fanciful if that’s what you prefer.

5. A Base Equipped With Suction Cups (Optional)

Dildos with suction-cup bases give the highest level of adaptability, despite the fact that this component is most assuredly an extra. Although using your dildo while lying down is entirely OK, switching things around every once in a while may be a lot of fun. You get a lot more bang for your buck with Dildos that include suction cups since they give a number of different ways to have a fantastic climax.

  • Stick the dildo to a flat chair for a little cowgirl action. This is an empowering, hands-free way to get off. Just lift your hips to move on and off the dildo. Want to amp it up? Get into a full squatting motion with your knees up by your chest. This provides incredible penetration.
  • For some doggy-style fun, attach your dildo to a wall and just lean back and forth to simulate getting penetrated from behind. A favorite for many, being able to experience this position is a top-selling feature of the suction-cup dildo.
  • Suction the dildo to the shower wall for some wet and wild water play.
  • Prop your dildo up on any wall to mimic oral sex (a great way to practice or to turn on your partner during foreplay).

Double the amount of dildo, double the amount of pleasure! In most cases, there are two different styles that fall under the category of double-ended dildo:

Double-headed dildos have a penis head on either end of its body. The shaft on them normally measures 12, 16, or 18 inches in length. The most typical application for this particular variety of dildo is in the context of couple play, which allows both individuals to take advantage of the kinky penetration offered by this bad boy.
Dildos with a U-shaped double penetration are, on the other hand, purpose-built for simultaneous insertion into the vagina and the anus.

Whether you’re playing with a partner or you’re going at it all by yourself, the extra-long shaft of the double-headed dildo makes for a very kinky experience. The additional length is fantastic because it provides you with more space to work with and, as a result, makes it much simpler to navigate while you are engaging in some solitary activity. As a result of the fact that it plugs up all of the openings entirely, the double penetration dildo is particularly sexy. The double-headed dildo can, of course, be bent into the shape of a U, but in most cases, the double penetration version does a better job of piercing both the vagina and the anus at the same time.

The Silicone AC/DC Double Dildo is a very well-liked choice for a dildo with two ends. This unusually lengthy dildo provides lifelike tips, much-needed versatility, and unlimited flexibility; you may bend, twist, and angle it to suit any position you’d want! This textured double dong dildo is made of PVC material that does not contain phthalates; when combined with a high-quality water-based lubricant, it offers the ideal balance of slipperiness and comfort.


Looking to “GO BIG”? If you’ve ever fantasized about being stuffed, stretched, and pushed to your physical and mental limitations, then a huge dildo is the perfect thing to make that dream come true. The goal of these large, hearty, and incredibly scrumptious dildos is to thoroughly satiate your hunger. Huge dildos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from pudgy strap-ons to long double dongs, catering to a wide variety of sexual gratifications.

When working with enormous dildos, you’ll need to put in the effort to hone your skills and gradually advance to larger and larger sizes. However, after you’ve arrived at your destination, that long swath of land has a seductive and even sinful air to it. Simply make sure you apply a substantial amount of lubrication and begin the process slowly.

Are you searching for the supreme source of enjoyment? There is no better alternative than the Natural Realskin 8 Inch. This mind-blowingly lifelike dildo provides the perfect blend of sturdiness and squeezability, as well as multi-speed and multi-pattern vibrating technology, in order to fulfill any type of dream. You may get the greatest penetration possible with this sex toy while still maintaining a stable and sturdy base, and you can even use it to peg. This dildo can be used with any lubricant that is either water-based or silicone-based.

The addition of a vibrating feature to a conventional dildo is just the thing to take pleasure producing devices to the next level. The sensation of your muscles tensing up will be heightened because of the buzzing that is occurring inside of your body (and thus, so will your orgasm). A vibrating dildo will often have two motors, one located mid-shaft for vibrations at the vaginal doorway and one located just under the head of the penis to provide a profoundly inside experience.

You may utilize the vibrating feature whenever you want additional stimulation, and then just turn it off whenever you don’t need it. This makes it one of the greatest alternatives available for a dildo if you’re searching for versatility. In addition, we have a wide selection of vibrating dildos that are also compatible with strap-on accessories, providing you with an even greater degree of versatility for both you and your lover.


Is it possible for your dildo to get down and dirty in some water? If this is the case, there is no need to be concerned about ruining the item by submerging it while it is being used or while you are cleaning it. In any other case, the best way to clean and disinfect the toy is to use a decent toy care solution or foam. In order to eliminate any bacteria that may have been left behind after each usage, you should always clean your dildo, particularly if the material is porous. Infections are not a seductive condition, although bacteria can cause them.


TIP No. 2: Identify the Materials That It Is Made Of

The composition of the substance that composes your dildo will dictate how it should be stored and the kinds of lubricants that can be applied to it. If your dildo, for instance, is constructed out of ABS plastic, you are normally free to use any type of lubricant you desire, from those based on water to those based on silicone. If it is largely made of silicone, you should probably use water-based lubricants rather than silicone-based ones because silicone-based lubricants have been proven to break down silicone dildos over time. It is important to be aware that the greatest dildos can be made from a wide variety of materials, each of which calls for a different approach to cleaning and different options for storing. Are you unsure as to which material best suits you? For further information, be sure to have a look at our comprehensive Guide to Sex Toy Materials.



To begin, silicone dildos should never be stored in the same location at the same time. However, in addition to this, it is advisable to store your dildos in a specific bag or case so that they do not just roll around in a drawer or sit out in the open air, where they could pick up dust, lint, and other types of bacteria.

Even if you don’t store your dildos out in the open, you should always give your toys a brief washing before using them just in case dirt or other contaminants get on them. Because your body is delicate and deserves to be respected, it is prudent to take additional safety measures when cleaning your dildos before using them.

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