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7 Sex Games to Try in Bed

7 Sex Games to Try in Bed

 7 Sex Games to Try in Bed

Embrace the wintry holiday season, with its extended, chilly nights providing a,n ideal backdrop for immersive role-playing and sensual exploration. What better time than now to broaden your erotic horizons and engage in an array of new, provocative int,imate games?

So, envisioning a stylish holiday this year? Consider forgoing the conventional family vacation and opt for an indulgent escape with a captivating escort. Picture yourselves in bed, immersed in playful, tantalizing encounters!

Whether it’s a distant convention, a snowstorm, or an impending deadline, leverage any excuse to sidestep the holidays and savor those free days alongside a lively, enticing companion.

Having mastered the Kama Sutra, are you now on the lookout for additional steamy ideas to explore with your significant other? Why not delve into the realm of intimate games – an affordable yet exhilarating addition to the bedroom.

  1. Nookii

Commencing with Nookii – The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers, as it stands among the top-selling intimate games. Designed to facilitate exploration of your partner’s body with varying levels of intensity, it features three types of cards: “Mm” for a warm-up, “Ooh” for role-playing scenarios, and “Aah” for a climactic conclusion. Available on

  1. The Oral Sex Game

Yes, there is indeed a game dedicated solely to oral stimulation! This game revolves around teasing until the ultimate victor claims the grand prize – oral sex! Discover this enticing game at

  1. The Massage Seduction Game

Feeling a bit sore after various escapades in bed, on the floor, or perhaps on the kitchen countertop? Enter the Massage and Seduction Game. Featuring 24 ways to seduce your partner with tantalizing massage techniques, a melting massage candle, a heart-shaped massager, and comprehensive instructions for newcomers. Find it on Onlinefun

  1. Poker for Lovers

Seeking to elevate the stakes? Engage in some Poker for Lovers. Instead of wagering money, players bet on sexual favors to be fulfilled for their partners. A game where there are no losers, if you ask us! Available at Onlinefun

  1. Bedroom Bucks Coupons

Post-sex fatigue setting in, but your partner remains eager for more? Enter the bedroom bucks coupons to the rescue. Grant your partner a coupon, allowing them to redeem a specified service whenever they desire – be it a massage, oral sex, a particular Kama Sutra position, or even a kinky BDSM move. Explore them on Onlinefun

  1. 50 Positions of Bondage Cards

Craving a bit of spice but unsure how to go about it? Let the bondage cards guide you. These cards provide insights on incorporating bondage into your regular routine. Unleash your wild side with these cards, available on

  1. Body Twister

Go all in with the fully naked, provocative, doggie-style Body Twister. Unlike the traditional game played on the floor, this version unfolds on your partner’s body. Apply colored stickers, roll the dice, and place your hands on the colors you roll. A bit kinky, right? Find it on

A successful escapade requires meticulous planning. While spontaneity may seem appealing, preparing with a repertoire of tips and tricks is paramount for this journey to be a resounding success.

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