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6 hot ways to put on a condom

Condom Application Tips

6 hot ways to put on a condom

Embarking on the journey of securing intimacy while prioritizing protection involves a familiar routine for every escort who upholds the mantra of “safety first.” Unwrapping a condom need not be a mechanical act devoid of allure. The thrill and anticipation should not dissipate as we transform into mere automatons with a singular focus: maximizing encounters before swiftly departing.

Numerous more enticing methods exist for donning a condom, each promising to elevate the entire experience, infusing it with excitement and enjoyment. Whether you try one or explore them all, rest assured your rendezvous will be nothing short of mind-blowingly scintillating!

Delaying the Pleasure

Opt for a direct approach with a pleasurable prelude, initiating with a tantalizing act before interrupting the imminent climax to carefully apply the protective barrier. Handle with care, recognizing the heightened sensitivity, then seamlessly transition to positions like missionary or doggy style to seamlessly resume the pleasure where it left off. The intensity of pleasure amplifies, ensuring satisfaction for both.

Teamwork for Triumph

For many, witnessing an alluring partner skillfully applying a condom amplifies arousal. Picture this scenario: an exquisite companion on her knees, attempting to unveil the condom’s protective layer. Imagine the heightened allure as you guide her hand, turning a mundane act into an intimate sensation. The tactile experience enhances, and the firmness of your shaft intensifies with her involvement.

Lubrication’s Longevity

Embrace the mantra that lubrication wards off monotony, especially if you prefer a condom-free experience. Begin by having your partner hold the condom’s rim while adding warming lube to the center. The arousal escalates as the lubrication glides southward, creating a compelling urge to engage intimately.

Sensual Lips in Action

For ladies seeking to captivate their partner, there’s nothing more enthralling than using your lips to elegantly apply a condom. Begin by placing the condom’s tip on the edge of your tongue, gradually rolling it onto your tongue. The pièce de résistance occurs when you employ your lips and tongue to smoothly descend the condom onto his shaft. The entire process becomes a sensation he’ll adore.

Embrace the 69 Style

For enthusiasts of the notorious 69 position, envision the lady atop, engaging in mutual pleasure. As your client indulges in heavenly pursuits, apply the condom with finesse using your mouth. Incorporate some playful suction, leaving him weak-kneed with pleasure. Once the protection is secure, feel free to explore the depths of desire without constraints.

Lick, Stroke, Repeat

Ladies, resist the urge to hasten the condom application. Instead, savor the moment, teasing him to intensify his desire. Engage in a slow, tantalizing process of placing the protection over his manhood, maintaining eye contact throughout. Combine it with seductive moans, gentle strokes, playful licking, a hint of buttock pinching, and testicular caresses. The result? A male client on the brink of desire-induced ecstasy, and an experience laden with intense sensations for both parties.

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