Sexual fantasies that will enhance the thrill of sex

Many people enjoy sexual fantasy. If you like it too, tell your partner about it. Everyone has their own sexual fantasies (sexual fantasies). Some people experience excitement and excitement in sex by playing a role (role play) and some people like to have sex in the water. The list of sexual fantasy is long! These sexy fantasies can revive your stable sex life and revitalize your boring sex life.

 Exploring every part of your partner’s body

The goal of sex is to satisfy your partner . By doing this you get extra satisfaction. And this happens when you are well aware of every part of your partner’s body. This is why most people in the world want to explore their partner’s body. If you have this sex fantasy in mind, then become a detective and explore the partner’s body while playing the role.

Sex in the car

Today’s couples like to have sex not only in the bedroom, but in different places. Many people like to have sex in the car . His sexual fantasy also includes having sex in a car. Women love sex in the car, in many movies, you must have seen people having sex in the car . If you too are bored of having sex in the bedroom, then make your car your new sex location today, and then enjoy the real fun of sex.

having sex in a narrow place

Actually, when we are doing this, the adrenalin hormone level in the body increases. Tight spaces means that any bathroom, park, movie theater, or any corner etc. Home desire to have sex . There is a fear while having sex in such places, which makes the experience of sex amazing. So the next time you are in such places, hopefully you will know what to do.

controlling partner’s orgasm

Obviously, your yearning and desire to get it increases manifold. You can also play the same game with the partner’s organism . When the partner is moving towards organism , then you go away. Then tempt him and play sex games again. This way both of you can enjoy sex session for a long time .

sex in high building window

The idea of ​​having sex in a tall building window is included in many people’s sex imagery. Seeing the glare of the city in the window or balcony, getting lost in each other… is enough to fill it with excitement. You can take your sex experience from a high building window to a height.

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